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  • ZN300N Portable Outdoor Power Supply 300W

    ZN300N Portable Outdoor Power Supply 300W

    1. Pure sine wave inverter output, voltage and current stability. 2. Built-in large capacity, long life, efficient rechargeable power lithium-ion battery. 3. DC multi-voltage output, compatible with a variety of devices at the same time power supply. 4. Supports output by USB and Type-C interfaces and QC3.0 fast charge. 5. Intelligent high-current DC output, supporting all DC loads working at the same time. 6. Digital display screen displays the working status of the device in real time. 7. LED strong light lighting, with a variety of lighting modes. 8. Intelligent battery protection system can effectively prevent over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit and other problems. 9. Power supply support a variety of charging modes, support solar charging. 10. Small size, large capacity, light weight, easy to carry.

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