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Lithium and Lead-acid Battery Chargers Are Not Universal

Due to the continuous development and iteration of technology, the process of replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries of e-bikes is accelerating. After some consumers buy lead-acid batteries of e-bikes, they may iterate over lithium batteries of e-bikes. Therefore, when charging, there may be mixed use of chargers. Is the charger of two kinds of batteries universal? What are the risks of mixing?

The answer is lead-acid batteries and lithium battery chargers can not be universal!

Because the lead-acid battery charger is generally set to two-stage or three stage charging mode, the voltage level of lithium battery and lead-acid battery does not match. Moreover, there are many kinds of lithium batteries, and the battery performance and battery protection board parameters may be different.

So lithium batteries don't have a universal battery charger like lead-acid batteries.

Generally speaking, lithium batteries are equipped with special chargers when they leave the factory. In order to protect lithium batteries, it is best to use the corresponding special chargers for lithium batteries.

Lithium and Lead-acid Battery Chargers Are Not Universal

What's the difference between lithium battery and lead acid battery?

1. lithium battery

Lithium battery chargers have high requirements for chargers and need to protect the circuit, so lithium battery chargers usually have high control precision, which can charge lithium batteries with constant current and constant voltage.

Lithium battery charging control is to charge according to the constant current, and then when the battery voltage rises to 4.2V, the voltage will not rise, the charger will detect the current, if the current is less than a certain value, the charging will end.

2. Lead acid battery

The lead-acid battery is relatively durable and does not require high charging circuit. Once in a while, overcharge and overdischarge will not lead to battery damage, and the structure of charger is relatively simple.

Lead acid batteries are usually charged in three stages, namely constant current, constant voltage and trickle. If the LED of charger is red, it means that it is in constant current or constant voltage stage; if it turns green, it means that it is in trickle stage. Usually, the battery can't be fully charged until it turns green and recharges for several hours.

Generally speaking, the lithium battery charger for lead-acid batteries will be under charged, and the lead-acid battery charger for batteries will be overcharged. Therefore, if the charger is mixed, it may cause battery damage and even cause accidents.

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